The Barx Parx Foundation’s mission is to promote animal adoption, help dogs find their forever homes and encourage responsible pet ownership and care by educating pet parents, supporting rescue organizations, animal shelters and other non-profit entities in the Southern Nevada area.


One of the best ways to help is by offering your time. We can help place you with numerous non-profit organizations that need you most.

Your one-time or recurring donation will go to program expenses including veterinary care, transport, training, food and supplies.


Fostering dogs in your home is easier than you might think! We can help connect you with local rescue organizations in need of loving homes to help foster.

adopt don't shop


The decision to add a dog into your family is an enormous commitment and choosing between a shelter or rescue dog is an important consideration! Giving a second chance to a deserving animal allows you to use your voice to fight back about cruel backyard breeding practices. Read More >>

Who is Barx Parx Foundation?

The Barx Parx Foundation was created out of love to help organize volunteers and distribute donations to best serve our community. Our support organizations have limited resources, overcrowding and staffing challenges. The Barx Parx Foundation supports the organizations that do the most for the dog population in our community.

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How can I create a dog friendly workplace?

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